A Public Network of Seed Stewards = Preserving genetic diversity

Victory Gardens in San Francisco

Across from City Hall, 1943
Golden Gate Park, 1943
-Golden Gate Park, [man in tie]
-800 Gardens in Golden Gate Park/ Farmers Market
-Laguna Honda, 1943

Subsidized Gardening Programs

Bebloemingsacties: Planting Action
Gent, Belgium
Bebloeming=To plant
= an action or undertatking/the action of neighbors getting together to doe something, for example: Let's tell all the neighbors to meet on Saturday to clean the street.

The town governing board, "Greenness Service", wants to stimulate private initiatives to grow plants. Citizens can receive a "greenness check" for placing flower boxes in their windows. The value of the check depends on the length of the box and there is a maximum of 25 euros availble.

In autumn, citizens can register to obtain 10 winter plants to put in thier boxes. There are a limited number of plants, so they are distributed according to this principle, "he who comes first, first grinds".

Straatgeveltuintje: Street Facade Garden

Detroit Garden Resource

Bacolod City, Philippines: Backyard Vegetable Project

Open Basement Subsidy
to open basement for bats to live in. 2500 euro for construction.
Benefit: The bats eat mosquitos and other pests and contribute to the local ecology.

Green roof:
31euro per sq. meter max 5000 euro minimum of 6 sq. meters.
succulent, mosses, grasses, herbs
Benefit: Air quality + recreation

Rain water reuse subsidy.
250 euro to pay for collecting system and pump.

Baumscheiben Berlins

Energy Bulletin: Social Fertilizer: The big growth potential of urban agriculture

Home-based food production in urban Jamaica