A Public Network of Seed Stewards = Preserving Genetic Diversity

Seed banks represent genetic reservoirs of adaptive traits. By knowing the conditions under which the seed's ancestors have developed, botanists can identify characteristics signaling where else a plant might thrive.

The seed bank will be designed by Amy Franceschini.

The VG2007+ Seed Bank is housed at the Garden for the Environment.

The VG2007+ Seed Bank will evolve over time to reflect the diverse food crops that can be grown in the our city. Participants in VG2007+ will play an active roll in maintaining and diversifying the seed stock by:

- Contributing 25% of their seeds back to the bank upon harvest.
- In addtion to their choice of food stuffs, one rare variety will be suggested by VG2007+ such that the seeds from that plant will be returned upon harvest adding to a growing diverstity of seed stock.

Everyone is welcome to contribute seeds and become part of a distributed network of seed stewards.


Global Model:

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is located in Norway and has the mission to store as many seeds known to humans as possible, under the terms of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

Seeds contain the genetic blueprints that determine plant characteristics, and wide genetic variation makes it possible to grow crops under different climatic conditions and to provide a broad selection of foods all over the world.

This biological diversity provides an insurance against climate change, plant diseases and pests.