Get started today! It is easy and fun. We will guide you through the process of turning your underutilized space into a food producing engine.

Starter Kits are delivered to your house by a VG2007+ gardener upon a tricycle and include a lesson on how to build a raised bed, planting instructions, instructions for installing a drip irrigation system with a water- and time-saving timer and one follow up harvest and seed saving lesson.

Here are the components of a Victory Gardens 2007+ Starter Kit.

Soil, Starters + Fertilizers


4 bags of fresh soil
Flat of starters
Feather meal + Kelp Granuals
Drip System
1/2" poly hose- Drip system
1/4" emitter line w/ 6"spacing
1/4" elbows
Plastic stakes to hold drip lines
Goof plugs   Solar Water Timer   Hose splitter    
Raised Bed Materials
12' untreated redwood
Copper Tape to protect plants from slugs
Copper nails to hold down copper tape
Hardwood dowels to hold redwood box together