Project: Fortune Teller
Artist: Aichen Lin

Major: Digital Media
Contact: aizenlen[at]
"Transforming the modern technology into the traditional Chinese custom. "


This project is going to make people experience a new way of seeing the park and exploring the different ways to walk through the park. By letting people play with the Fortunate Teller that I created, the visitors will follow the random direction of the Fortunate Teller and create a spontaneous trail.

The analog fortune teller creates a new experience for them to follow. In traditional Chinese culture, People usually look for the intellectual guidance to follow and believe that guidance.

The digital fortunate teller takes the place in the spiritual sense of trusting and believing, the guider’s suggestions. It shifts the way people trust in older ways of guidance to technology.
Traditional ways of thinking are going to be replaced by technology –

Mountain Lake Park is located in the Richmond area where a huge Chinese population lives. I asked 40 people 10 questions and found out that more than 60% are Chinese people, 35% are Americans and 5% are other who come to the park. More than 36 people are the Mountain Lake’s neighbors. Most of them usually walk to the park and come here for exercising. They like to follow the asphalt roads and walk through the park several times a day. Most of the time they never change the way they walk through the park.

This project can be modified for a wireless application. It would work the same way, the only difference being it would live on a cellphone or pda. If users have gps enabled phones, their traces can be tracked and viewed as drawings.

GPS Drawing: