Mobile Outskirts, Norway, 2004
June 16-25, 2004

Lofoten Norway

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Amy Franceschini, Stijn Schiffeleers


Laura Beloff, Ryan Griffis, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, Timo Arnall, Sue Mark, Slobodanka Stevceska, Denis Saraginovski, Nis Rømer Poulsen Amy Franceschini/Stijn Schiffeleers, Joni Taylor, Trine Eidsmo + Kristin Bergaust.

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Norway Art and Film School: Kabelvag

Mobile Outskirts: Cultural Mapping of Northern Geographical Outposts.

A ten day workshop in Lofoten, Norway which will focus 0n the conditions of a rural area with special resources and conditions.

Lofoten is an island society situated on several islands, economically important to the whole coast, as the cod fisheries in the winter and spring attracts participants from the entire coast. Economy is dependent of the sea and its resources Living close to the resources has been a major concern and communication has been dependent on the sea. The area has an interesting history of tele-communication as well, as the second wireless telegraph in the world was opened in these islands in 1906. Topography and climate are extreme, and can still not be overlooked as deciding factors, winter storms still tear down people's houses.

This workshop, is an event in the series of 6 "Trans-Cultural Mapping" workshops initiated by RIXC Centre for New Media in Riga, Latvia. Each workshop has a specific focus on outskirts and interregional networking, in the context of an enlarged Europe. An additional goal is to discover specific, deep and relevant layers of the local cultures, involving specific local communities in the process.

The results of the workshop series will be presented in an exposition - 'Cultural Mapping Fair' - consisting of public interactive installations and other documentation. This exposition will take place during the 'Art+Communication' festival in Autumn 2004 in Riga, Latvia in september. Additionally, the Lofoten workshop will be presented during Trondheim Matchmaking in Trondheim, Norway 15th-17th of October.

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