Mobile Outskirts, Norway, 2004

Mobile Outskirts:
Travel + the Driver
We travel from Trondheim to Kabelvåg in Lofoten in a bus. It is a normal tourist bus, slightly modified and driven by an old friend, Kjell Tomter, who makes it an important part of his life to bring people safely along the surface of the planet to different destinations for a lot of interesting reasons. He also knows Lofoten from visiting for ten years. We will use the bus for excursions in Lofoten as well. The distance is around 800km, and we will cross mountain areas and also the (so-called) Polar Circle. The trip will last for about 12 hours.


When you arrive in Trondheim, you will be put up in a normal hotel for the first night. That is the last you will see of this kind of comfort during the workshop. Sleeping arrangements in Kabelvåg are very basic, dormitories with bunk-beds and one shower and bathroom shared by all. Bring ear–plugs, tolerance and sleeping-pills. The location is very good though, privacy can be found in the mountains or on the sea. The people we stay with are very helpful and enthusiastic about the project. The surprising thing about this place, is that they have an Airport network running. So this will be our access to the Internet.

There is a good art and film-school on a basic level in the village, three minutes walk from our sea-house. Nordland Kunst- og filmskole have provided us with space to meet and work. We have access to a former prison where there is an auditorium and also the house of the magistrate, where there is a nice kitchen and other spaces to meet. The place is done up by teachers and students at the school. The school does not have any useful Internet-access installed yet.

Eating + The Cook
It is now clear we will be able to bring a friend to cook for us. Martin Musto is originally British, but has lived in Norway for about 30 years now. He also knows Lofoten well. We will use the magistrate’s villa for meals and keep things in the fridge to snack on.

What to Bring
Camping gear.(sleeping bag, tent, cooking stuff, binoculars and whatever) Bring your own towels.
Clothes: The climate is really unpredictable. You should bring sweater, hat, muffler and gloves from wool or fleece. Even long, woollen underwear can come in handy. Also some good jacket against rain and wind, preferably also rain pants. If you do not have these things, we will try to borrow some. You should pack your swimsuit or at least shorts, good sun-glasses and high-factor sun screen if you have a light skin. The price of wool socks in Lofoten can rise heavily in June! And 24-hour sun is another matter when that happens.
Tech equipment: Bring what you have. We will have some GPS gear and some other basic stuff.

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