DIY Algae/Hydrogen Bioreactor 2004

Photos counterclockwise starting from top left [above]:
Hydrogen gas accumulating from different two different strains of algae. 2. Jonathan making sure everything is airtight. The system has no pumps and works entirely on gravity and pressure gradients. 3. Comparing two strains of algae. 4. Algae testing library inside laboratory at UC Berkeley. 5. Vibrating table to stir the different algae coctails.

Photos from left to right:
1. Jonathan tightening the valve to the previously sterilized nutrient tank 2. Flushing the anaerobic tank (sulfur deprived) with carbon dioxide. This is necessary before transfering the aerobic cells into this tank. 3. Tasios Melis' earlier backyard model: Large plastic tube filed with water.

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