Lofoten Game of the Future

A public park opposite the Art school in Kabelvåg, Norway became a focus point during a 10-day, Transcultural Mapping Workshop*. The park itself was transformed into a giant board game, with players throwing frisbee-like discs into the old fountain, but it was not just "fun and games". Each disc represented the uniquely Lofoten themes of Fishing, Tourism, Oil and Wildlife, with the aim being to predict which industry would contribute mostly to the communities future. So what is the future? The game will remain with the town of Kabelvåg, so go on and make your move!
Many thanks to the following:
Kristen Bergaust and Trine Eidsmo for organizing the Mobile Outskirts Workshop!
Nordland Kunst- og Filmskole for being able to use their facilities during the workshop.

*Suppport for TCM- Norway provided by Arts Council Norway and PNEK (Production Network for Electronic Art).