Project Description:
Our voice is used to sing, protest, comfort, teach, haggle and express a range of emotions. When voices come together, a panopoly of energetic phenomena can emerge. Using "voice" as a theme to inform making, walking and play, A People Without A Voice Cannot Be Heard will be a series of workshops and public events that will explore methods to amplify, coordinate and channel our individual and collective voice.

The arc of events will be like punctuation in a story {'"?<&,>':;"} but all of the exciting information will be the words coming out of all of our voices together. We will look at how the voice has been used in song to pass time, to elevate the spirit and to create camaraderie. Also we will look at how a "common voice" can be framed in media; newspaper, television, radio. Like a barn raising, we will claim physical space, printed space and create a series of objects as a means to raise the voice of the people. We are not sure if that will sound like an auctioneer or a whisper.

In the spirit of free/radical schools as a space of cultural production and creative resistance, A People Without A Voice Cannot Be Heard (A.P.W.A.V.C.B.H.) will be a free and open framework that will facilitate learning and sharing. Using a mulitidisciplinary approach we will work with a range of practitioners to consider the use of voice as tool for exchange and liberation; artists, theorists, ethnomusicologists, auctioneers and conductors. Participants will be asked to contribute their skills and be open to teaching what they learn to newcomers.

*When I was young my friends mom put soap in my friends mouth for something that he said. We promise to you we will not use soap as a learning tool.