Project Description:
Our voice is used to sing, protest, comfort, teach, haggle and express a range of emotions. When voices come together, a panopoly of energetic phenomena can emerge. A PEOPLE WITHOUT A VOICE CANNOT BE HEARD
is a temporary, free school using the "voice" as a theme to guide workshops and public events that explore methods to amplify, coordinate and channel our individual and collective voice. Auctioneers, theorists, conductors, ethnomusicologists, local newspapers, artists, and speech pathologists are invited to consider “voice” as a tool for exchange and liberation. Within the context of the Walker Art Center's summer programming around "the commons" the voice is considered in various mediums; song to pass time, to elevate the spirit and to create commradery, a "common voice" as in a newspaper, television or radio.

In the spirit of free/radical schools as a space of cultural production and creative resistance, A People Without A Voice Cannot Be Heard is an open framework that facilitates learning and sharing.

*When I was young my friends mom put soap in my friends mouth for something that he said. We promise to you we will not use soap as a learning tool.

Core Group:
The core group is made up of Futurefarmers Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine along with a number of Minnesota-based artist and designers.
[See People for entire list]

Core group activities are in preparation for public events.

The following people have generously shared their resources and opened their networks to make this project happen: Shanai Matteson of the West Bank Social Center, Matt Olson of Rolu, Annie Wang and Anthony Warnick our amazing web design and development team, Sarah Schultz for putting a roof over our head and Steve Dietz for making our dreams come true!