[Home] This is a site which has a lot of old work. I am just keeping it up for myself most of my new work can be found through: futurefarmers.
[Descender] Fonts
[COPY] An online zine for 30something rugby players who enjoy gardening.
Issue II coming soon. YEAH right I did this in 1997.
[No Jedi] The force doesn't come to everyone (1999)
[Asshole] Contains offensive language, push the arrow (1997).
[Carpet] Contains offensive colors (1997).
[Grid] Flash sloganeering (1997).
[Tshirt for sale] Entrepreneurial optimism. (1997)
[Mr LoveYaMate] How to Kung Foo.(1997)
[Squares] Keep your two year old amused for hours (1997).
[Imperatives] Do as it says (1997).
[Scientology for Winners] Join Up Here. Free Personality test. Temp. removed for personal security.
[DIY style] Advertise the brands you love, at a fraction of the cost you pay now.
[Advertising] My first song.(1999)
[billgateskungfu] true, true(1999)
[Schoolwork] I was a student at the Royal College of Art in London, this is a link to the work I did. (1998-2000)
[They Rule] No need for conspiracies, explore the boardroom interlocks in the the top 100 U.S companies.(2001)