A fantastical architectural intervention within a 150 year old oak grove. It is a physical meeting point, broadcasting base for Radio Instabile and hosts a growing archive of content related to rural regeneration and the growing instability of this region.

" a treehouse living above ground, but woven closely to the tree above ground gains perspective can see sunrise before those on the ground and can make a small symphony to announce the rising of the sun or use mirrors to re-direct the sunlight down to the ground where a small fire is started

it takes this perspective to start fires fires of ideas fires to make people jump above the ground ouch hot ground in the jump they let go a suspended moment where we forget and when we land we are in a new territory of space/time and openness

a treehouse raising together we pull it up we make our own rope we make our own pullies and decide together the form and how it raises a small space to feel we have escaped but not to escape just to see a scape in the land"

The unplanned construction