Futurefarmers Artist in Residence (AIR) program provides opportunities for young artists, designers writers and architects to unite in the collaborative environment of Futurefarmers studio. Since 1997, we have hosted over 25 artists from 13 countries. These AIR's have developed their own projects and have worked on Futurefarmers projects during their residency. The AIR program forms the basis for many ongoing collaborations. Many residents have continued to collaborate with us as partners.

Residents are encouraged, but not required to maintain a balance of personal work and collaborative work with Futurefarmers while in the program. We work together with residents to provide a supportive environment for research and exploration.

The AIR program offers partially sponsored, live-out residencies. Sponsorship is available based on financial need. Financial aid from Futurefarmers depends on our current financial well being. In the past, a $500/month stipend has been granted. Artists are also invited to work on paid projects to provide income, but work visa’s are required. We will work with prospective residents to facilitate financial aid.

Residencies range from six weeks to six months.

Applications are accepted year-round. Residents are selected based on merit through an open application and upon invitation.
Send an email or letter indicating the following:

• Statement of interest in working with Futurefarmers; how the residency will affect your work and how your work aligns with Futurefarmers.
• List of skills: artistic, computer or any other skill you consider valuable.
• Skills you wish to acquire or develop while in residence.
• Resume/ C.V.
• Description of any projects you would like to realize while in residence.
• Past projects that would be helpful in consideration for this residency.
• URLs
• Dreams, childhood memories…

EMAIL > info at futurefarmers dot com

Or send letter to:
Futurefarmers AIR
499 Alabama St. #114
San Francisco, CA 94110 USA
(Paris, France) is the creative duo of Fiorella Mennesson and Elena Cerisier currently studying Graphic Design, Digital Creation, Storytelling and narrative forms at École nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et Des Métiers d’art. MORE…
Wei Wang
(San Francisco, CA, USA) is a visual designer and printmaker based in San Francisco, CA. MORE…
Cristina Gaitan
(San Francisco, CA, USA) has a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia, and MORE…
Maru Carrion
(San Francisco, CA, USA) comes from the tropical island of Puerto Rico and is now established in the foggy city of San Francisco MORE…
Rafi Ajl
(San Francisco, CA, USA) was born and raised in the wilds of Brooklyn. After experiencing the green pastures of Amherst, Massachusetts, he escaped to San Francisco MORE…
Erika Renedo Illarregi
(San Sebástian, Spain) hails from the Basque Country. She received her MA in industrial design and technical engineering. MORE…
Tatiana Butterworth
(San Francisco, CA, USA) conducts research-based building projects merging cultural and material studies. MORE…
Ben DuVall
(Long Beach, CA, USA) is an artist and designer whose current projects research and employ political aesthetics, design noir, and critical practices within graphic design. MORE…
Margarita Silva
(San Francisco, CA, USA) is a graphic designer who studied at California College of the Arts. MORE…
Nicholas Almquist
(Oakland, CA, USA) is an artist and graphic designer based in Oakland, CA. His work is motivated by an interest in the ways in which media and technologies have historically shaped human communication. MORE…
Emma Rogers
(San Francisco, CA, USA) was born in Portland, Oregon and works in printmaking, photography and mixed media. She received her BA in Art MORE…
Fernando García-Dory
(Madrid, ESP) is an artist who engages specifically with issues affecting the relation between culture-nature now. MORE…
Wilson Diaz
(Cali, COL) is a founding member (1998) of Helena Productions. Wilson practices painting, photography, video, and performance art. MORE…
Jehn Howard
(San Francisco, CA, USA) is a graphic designer. MORE…
Anthony Warnick
(Minneapolis, MN, USA) is an artist who creates performative interventions. MORE…
Dan Allende
(Baltimore, MD, USA) grew up in New Jersey. Dan's multifaceted and social-engaging work includes installations, videos, performances, and sculptural objects. MORE…
Andrew Turnbill
(Rhode Island, USA) is an artist who rambled in from Rhode Island School of Design. MORE…
Corinne Matesich
(Tucson, AZ, USA) works in the graphics department at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum as the sign maker. MORE…
Audrey Snyder
(Brooklyn, NY, USA) is a west-coast transplant, living and making art and food in Brooklyn, NY. MORE…
Nathan Cowen
(Berlin, GER) is a designer who hailed from Hawaii. MORE…
Ferdinand Alfonso (Chino Hills, CA, USA)
Kristof Krisztian (Budapest, Hungary)
Ninni Wager (Vantaa, Finland)

Myriel Milcivec (Berlin, Germany)
Christina V. Dungen (Stutgart, Germany)
Kat Broeckelmann (Munich, Germany)

Linda Leow (Hyperisland, Sweden)
Max Min (Graz, Austria)
Elmar Trefz (Sydney, Australia)

Sebastian Sztafij (Kolding, Denmark)
Rikke Clausen (Kolding, Denmark)

Nadine Schumann (Köln, Germany)
Tilmann Frreood (Nurnberg, Germany)

Jørn Alraun (Hannover, Germany)
Andrea Mittman (Hamburg, Germany)

Martina Hofflin (Köln, Germany)
Karea Leth Hansen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Justin Baske (Minneapolis, MN, USA)


Josh On (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Sascha Merg (Hamburg, Germany)