Spotters Zomerworkshop:
Vlotjes door Gent
10-14 July 2004


5 day hands on workshop with Joke Laureyns + Stijn Wuyts in cooperation with Spotters.

Vlotjes door Gent
A summer workshop which will end in 7 floating architectures à la Panamarenko, inspired by 7 of the Gent Museums. The floats will make their way through the canals starting near each museum, and will meet together in the city center forming an architectureal unit which will create a visual and cultural connection between museums.

There will be seven groups of 3-4 people each.
Each group will create a float for one of the museums below. Groups will visit the museum, create maquette's, sketches and then finally build a float for the canals of Gent. Maquette's and sketches will be critiqued as a group to insure a visual alliance with its respective museum- capturing the essence of the collection, display, and institute.

Museum Dr. Guislain
The Museum Dr. Guislain is looking for a different kind of art. The collection has developed from a modest collection of works produced by people with psychiatric problems into an extensive outsider art collection.

History and archeaology museum.

Design Museum Gent

Het Huis van Alijn
Gent folklore museum.

Museum for Industry and Textile [MIAT]
The MIAT-Museum of Industrial Archaeology and Textile-
is a historical museum covering the period from 1750 until today.

Museum voor Schone Kunsten [MSK]
Museum of Fine Arts with a focus on Flemish art from the Middle Ages to the first half of the 20th century.

Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst [SMAK]
Contemporary Art Museum.

De wereld van Kina
Nature museum.

Each Float will be displayed in its respective museum until September 11, when they will be placed uponthe waters of Gent during Ode Gand.

We bouwen eraan van 10 t.e.m. 14 juli 2004.  In Gent: start aan het spotterslokaal ( trommelstraat 1 – patershol),  vandaar begeven we ons samen naar de vlottenscheepswerf.  Van 10u30 tot 17u30.  Voor iedereen tussen 14 en 20 jaar.  Deelname kost 50 € (inclusief museumbezoeken, picknik, materiaal, verzekering en eeuwige roem – gratis voor spotters die reeds lidgeld betaalden).

Info & Inschrijven via of 09/233.72.08 (Joke) of 0475/49.57.06 (Stijn) met vermelding van je naam, adres, geboortedatum en telefoonnummer.  Wij sturen je dan een brief met het vervolg van het verhaal.  Kijk ook eens op


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