This is a research project attempting to create a series of DIY Solar Ovens and end up with a model that is easy to use and to make.

Being based in sunny California where the sun shines an average of 331 days pr. year we are located in an area with great potential for using the masses of energy the sun provides constantly – energy that is free and doesn’t harm the environment.
This is the reason why we should take advantage of the solar energy provided and use at as a free source for cooking food.

By using a DIY Solar Oven one is not dependent upon privatised energy supply and it’s fun to use.



To build Solar Ovens with found materials or materials that you would normally have in your household so that it would be possible for almost anybody to build their own DIY Solar Oven. (Check out the dumpster dive in "versions")

This project was initiated for the Free Soil bus tour at the ISEA festival in San José Aug. 2006 as one project amongst many.The designs of the Solar Ovens are inspired by already existing designs that has been developed throughout the last 30 years.

Our goal is to distribute the idea of using the solar energy for cooking with Solar Ovens and to make a downloadable PDF template that is easy to use and make.