Political game
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"A political game is a game in which players roleplay and pretend to represent a government running a country. Some games operate much like the traditional legislative government, relying on building consensuses to get things done."


Politics and Play
Politics and games are made up from rules - official ones and cultural
ones that somehow emerged and are silently agreed upon voting, protesting, free speech, territories/ borders, coalitions/ gangs, strategies, rules, systems, orientations..

possible mappings:
dictatorship = single player games
democracy = multiplayer games
oligarchy = club games (golfing - or
better car racing - only a few do it,
the rest watches and pays)
monarchy = family games


Basic Play Concepts

Setting up
Setting up and preparation can be part of a game, like a ceremony

Role Play
Players taking on different roles in a game, which possibly can change over the course of play (for example by picking up a certain card that prompts you to do so)

Collecting and Sharing
Collecting items or features and swapping can also be a motivation to play a game over a longer period of time. Functioning as mediator who hands on (information).

Plotting for chance, mistakes and cheating
How much does the game motivate people to cheat?

Countdown, synchronous activities, delays

Group dynamics
Simultaneous activities within a group of people

Full Body Involvement
Have never played twister but looks fun.

Q&A Games/ Trivia/ You Dare..
Games about revealing personal knowledge/ secrets/ orientations...

What’s the rule(s) of the game ?

What are the game borders?