FUTUREFARMERS: New Media since 1995
1201 B Howard St. San Francisco. CA 94103

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Adobe likes us...

Futurefarmers + Remedi. Summertime co-LAB
with Josh ON. Viva Josh Ulm!

* Artistica interview and review of Nutrishnia.
*** * New CD** *
Futurefarmers releases second
collaborative cd-rom:NUTRISHNIA
includes TAK TAK (game), 7-screen, live
news correspondence installation, and No
Jedi. available Oct. 14. distributed by
futurefarmers +
and traveling w. RESFEST 99
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Futurefarmers lil partner sits on your
desktop. It automatically updates
latest Futurefarmer information and
a running list of our favorite urls
launching any browsers.
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Futurefarmer"s }}}destiNATION{{{
resides in RGB Gallery's permanent collection.

Futurefarmer"s }}}best site in the
. According to World-3000

  Futurefarmers + Shift. Interview.