>Artist in Residence Program

Program: Futurefarmers residence (AIR) Program has gained international acclaim for providing an opportunity for young artists of all disciplines to
unite in the collaborative environment of the Futuerfarmers studio.
Since 1997, we have hosted 6 artists + developed experimental and client projects together.

Sascha Merg
Joern Alraun
Josh ON

Karen Leth Hansen
Martina Hofflin
Justin Bakse

Residents are encouraged, but not required to maintain a balance of
client-based work and personal work while in the program. We work
together with residents to develop personal projects and provide a
supportive environment for research and exploration.

Financial Aid:
The AIR program offers partially sponsored, live-out residencies. Sponsorship is available based on financial need. In the past, a $500/mo stipend has been granted.

Residencies range from six weeks to 11 months, with an average stay of three months. Applications are acceted year roundh . Artists are selected based upon merit, through a mixture of open application and invitation.

To apply, please submit:

a letter indicating (email preferred)
- your interest in working with Futurefarmers, how the residency
..will affect your work and how you can contribute to the community on site

- artistic, computer, or any skills you consider valuable.

- relevent resume

-any projects you would like to work on while in residency or past projects ..you think would be helpful in consideration for this residency.

- your dreams, childhood memories...