Tom Muer and Geoff Marx met over 15 years ago in a suburban garage band, and have been studying, writing and making music ever since. In 1994, a documentary film maker called with a musical request. They delivered the track, and Air King was formally born.(The piece ended up at film festivals in San Francisco, Sydney, & Tokyo!)

Since then, Air King has moved through hundreds of hours of analog and digital tape, and is now busy eating up free hard-drive space in their Bernal Heights recording studio. Some of the more interesting projects along the way have included a video for a SF piercing parlor (which they have yet to watch in full) and their recent score for The Teena Brandon Story, a documentary premiering at the Berlin Film Festival.

Recent multi-media clients include Koyosha Graphics of America, SGH-Hive, and Atlas. Air King specializes in creating moods with vintage textures and flavors, and writes and records original music to order for all hi & low fidelity needs.